Bandster Stories

Below is a list of profiles that might offer you great inspiration and diversity of experiences. Each of the profiles listed are in great detail and share a personal journey. This is a good place to start to help you decide which option is best for you!

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Diana Herman century club

Teresa G's (she's got a great list of liquids and purees. -Jamie)

Kim S. (Ghost-Hunter down 29 pounds!)

Stephanie F:

Jessica Miller: (79 pounds in 6 months!)

Wedding Lady aka Amy K.:

Naomi B:

Irene Garcia:

Vanessa P: (Wait til you see her!)

Dori: (She looks great!)

Linda P: (Doesn't eat to hide emotions anymore!)

Patty; (Using WW to reach goal!)

Helen Muguire: (Great tenacity and sticking with it!)

Jo Ann R: (You'll make it!)

Sally: (Glad your heart is OK! Can't wait to future posts!)

Jao: (Great story how she found out about the Band!)


Sharon: (very cool font!)


Bette : (Amazing before and after!)

Alyssa L: (Great detail on Fills)

Gail: (Loved the disco look!)

Bonnie: (Wait 'til you see these before and after photos!)

Jeanie: (Great Before and after photos)

James: (Down 60 pounds since June!)

Kiera B: (Very detailed and great photos!)

Bill Welch: (Down 100 pounds his son is down 130lbs !!!)

Elizabeth D: (Life long weighloss battle finally beat!)

Rose: (very detailed and a fellow Boston area resident!)

MaryAnn T: (off all of my diabetes medications!!)

Teresa G: (she has links to post op diet!)

Tammy Branham: (Regrets right after surgery but now is very happy!)

Cherblues: (Very Detailed!!)

Kristin J (Includes picture trail)

Raquel Grinnell: (scary how similar our stories are!)

Iris DeVine: (started at 343lbs and 5'3)

Lili B: (60lbs ~ 7mnths Post Op But only 4ths of fill)


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